Streetcar to Frontdoor: Thinking Girl Tells It

October 18, 2007


Oh, oh! Thinking girl has one too. I might also start collecting 1st person narratives of other peoples problems. That could be fun.

*Update to add* Anglea H records the inner thoughts of a woman to a Dude, any Dude, and all Dudes in “Dear Jerk.”


2 Responses to “Streetcar to Frontdoor: Thinking Girl Tells It”

  1. Angel H. said

    Thanks for the link! I felt I had to vent after a very “uncomfortable” bus ride one evening.

    And what’s worse? I had to get off at earlier stop because I got the schedule screwed up. Then I met another one!

  2. aroundthebend213 said

    Of course you did. How many times have I taken a cab to avoid sexual harassment, only to be sexually harassed by the cabbie? And I love cabbies! Fucking hell.

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