Bruno Deserves a Follow-up

October 19, 2007


Its not always bad, news I guess; after this incident with a Dude otherwise known as Bruno, I stopped talking to him, returning his texts and emails. I also used the little discussed, but critical, feminist strategy of gossiping about him to our mutual friends. Happily, he called to apologize and also recognized what he did wrong:

Him: I felt like there was a work stoppage in our friendship

Me: There was, why do you think?

Him: I was worried I fucked up our friendship by hitting on you the other night. I’m sorry. I was really drunk.

Me: You may have been drunk, but that doesn’t explain the misogyny. Your behavior toward me totally changed after talked to you about Jonah; you ignored the things you know –things we had just discussed!–about my relationship with Jonah and my relationship with you. The most important thing about me was that I was a possibly sexually available woman. That sucked.

Him: You’re right. I’m sorry. This shit runs really deep, and I felt terrible. I’m just glad you’re not kicking me off the island yet.

Me: And after you left me on the curb after I wouldn’t go home with you, two guys followed me out of the bar and tried to get in the cab with me. The bouncer had to scrape them off the car. It really just put the nail in the coffin of the whole evening. Every man I knew or didn’t know transformed into hideous sexually-entitled robots.

Him: Ug. sorry. I’m really sorry.

Me: I guess you’re not off the island yet.

Him: I’m hanging out downtown on Friday, wanna come?

Me: I’ll call you Friday or Saturday. Goodnight!


One Response to “Bruno Deserves a Follow-up”

  1. […] Bruno, as it turns out, and as those who’ve been around a few more bends than I likely anticipated, deserves another follow-up. […]

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