November 1, 2007


Teaching is such a joy:

Student: I sent you that email…
Me: No, I was just noticing I didn’t get an email from you. I checked right before class.
Student: What am I supposed to say again?
Me: You are supposed to request a meeting about your problem, which is that you haven’t turned in enough assignments. I cant accept your papers late since I haven’t accepted other students papers, but we can try to come to some kind of resolution that doesn’t involve you failing the class. When you come to the meeting, you need to know how many papers you have turned in, and how many you need. And you wanted to talk to me about your final paper.
Student: yeah, you don’t think I should do that? (i.e. dress up as a homeless person)
Me: We need to talk about it.
Student: Because its dangerous?
Me: (thinking, about to say “no, because its potentially unethical….”)
Student: I thought chicks loved danger!
Me: …..(turns and walks away).


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