But I think I’d rather own this car.

“Being married to me would be better than working.”

Why, that is the most convincing marriage proposal I’ve ever had. Even if it was in response to my admission that I am too poor to buy the Parliment special.

Come to think of it, its the only convincing marriage proposal I’ve ever had.


Dear Mom

February 29, 2008


Too bad it’s pink.

Sorry. You are not a bummer. I love you. I’m sorry I dont want to talk to you very much right now.

I mean, you are a bummer. Totally a bummer to talk to, anyway. But its not your fault that people are dying and getting into trouble and that they happen to be important people to you and to me. And its not that I dont want to hear about it and help. I do. Thats what I want. But I just don’t know how to help you and take care of myself at the same time right now. I don’t know how to let you take care of me a little bit. And I don’t want to add to your lengthy list of worries.

I think I have to figure that out pretty soon.