Intergenerational Dialogue

March 12, 2008


This was an interesting choice of button.
Its strange that I am just now noticing your questionable taste.

Geraldine, Geraldine, Geraldine! Must you? Really?

I think fondly back to a time when, as a very young hater-of-Republicans and larval feminist, I sat around my family table with my cousins banging on things with forks and shouting: “Ronald Regan, He’s No Good! Send Him Back TO HOL-LY-WOOD!” Over and over again. Until our parents began taking us out with rocks from their makeshift bunker behind the couch.

That was all for you, sister. We also used to shout “More Meat! More Meat!,” but I’m pretty sure that was about something else.

In any case, I’d like to focus today on your total ingratitude for that unflagging support. Instead of backing me up on my strangely optimistic assertion that feminism is a movement about ending all oppression and aimed at addressing the problems of all women and people suffering from the patriarchy–even the Black ones!–you have to go and pull a Gloria Steinem.

Frankly, I feel you’re making us look bad. And I don’t even really give a shit about Obama. Its just about you.


One Response to “Intergenerational Dialogue”

  1. […] you are regular reader, you are aware that I am not an Obama supporter. I may have even said “I don’t even really give a shit about Obama.”  This remains strictly true. While Obama is cute, and a capable of writing his own speeches (a […]

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