Is America Ready?

April 4, 2008

“Are we there yet?”
“Is America Ready?”
This phrase has been bouncing around a lot lately; “Is America Ready for a Woman President?,” “Is America Ready for a Black President?“…“Is America Ready for a Pregnant Man?”
I mean, clearly the answer to that question, no matter what the second clause contains, is pretty much “no”. But why doesn’t this question get more play where it really counts, when it would really matter? Imagine the many key interrogatively formulaic stories we never read but should have:
Is America Ready for Adjustable Rate Mortgages?
Is America Ready to Kill Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqis for No Legitimate Reason at All?
Is America Ready to Dismantle our Entire Public Education System?
Is America Ready for the Backdoor Draft? How About A Private, Mercenary Army?
Is America Ready to Watch as A Major US City is Demolished and Its Citizens Left for Days to Drown?
This could go on for a while, but you get my point.

One Response to “Is America Ready?”

  1. puerdixit said

    The more interesting interrogatory formula might be “Which Americans are ready…?” Even though I’ve always liked the idea of a nation state as a single sentient being made up of classless individuals speaking with one voice. In pursuit of one empire, perhaps. Maybe one leader to go with it, too. (PaceGodwin.)

    Millions of Americans have already cast votes indicating they’re ready for a woman or black president. Therefore, the America whose preparedness we’re all supposed to care so much about turns out to be my curmudgeonly racist uncle. This must be why I obviously hate America.

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