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This never gets old:

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Meme Gone Wild!

May 22, 2008

Some people are masters of the quotably pithy; some aren’t. As it turns out

What happens when an innocent blog “meme” is ripped loose from the social conventions which traditionally bind it?

What happens when cheeky bloggers act as though no “tag” is our master?

I’ll tell you; more fluffy blog content! I stole this meme, too:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Locate the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences on your blog and in so doing…
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged me.

1. Three books were equally near to me. They are, in no particualr order, Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville; The Intuitionist, Colson Whitehead; and The New Imperial Challenge, eds Leo Panitch and Colin Leys.

2. done, done and done.


4. quotes as follows:

“Regarding religious institutions in a human point of view, he acknowledges their influence on manners and legislation. He admits they may serve to make man live in peace and prepare them greatly for the hour of death. He regrets the faith that he has lost; and he is deprived of treasure of of which he knows the value, he fears to take it away from those who still possess it.”

Hmmm. You would think that randomly isolating sentences would make them seem more profound, but in this case, decidedly not Next!

“‘Did you miss me?” Lila Mae asks, before she can check herself. Check that impulse. Natchez sweeps his arm into the foyer.”

The Intuitionist is a truly great book, but nothing about that passage particularly suggests it. Moving on:

The reaction to the invasion of Iraq was dramatically different. There were enormous protests well before the attack began, and again on the day it was launched –with no counter demonstrators. That is a radical difference.

I have to say that this meme just made me think that (barring some notable exceptions) most words aren’t very interesting without a whole lot of other words spread around to back them up. I suppose I really am a grad student.

5. Instead of tagging, I’m just encouraging more stealing.

Word Press-off

March 24, 2008

What the heck. Why is wordpress stealing all my paragraph breaks? It makes me sad.

I Bore Easily

March 17, 2008


Originally, I started this blog with intent to follow through on a very specfic project. My goal was to blog about the sexism that I encountered in the course of my every day life–in school, on the street, at work, or anywhere else. I wanted to document the sheer volume of this crap, look at it directly and offer it up to an audience as a kind of proof that my anger and occasional moments of rage are in some way justified.

What I discovered is that there is a reason that, as a rule, those of us on the receiving end of this kind of crap don’t actually want to confront the sheer volume of the assault. Its psychologically damaging to sit down at the end of a long day and count up a long series of injuries and abuses. Not to mention, its kind of repetitive and …boring. I found myself only bothering to remember and share with you the notable, or the amusing; a tiny portion of my intended catalouge.

This has made for more entertaining blog posts, but sparse posting. To supplement my content, I also found myself adding to my personal experiences with more standard blogular fare, like commentary and other musings beyond the 1st person.

In any case, all of this is to say I intend to continue as I have, but now without the guilt. I have decided that the flaw lies my original intent, rather than with my execution. As it turns out, I can only keep my mind off the abstract for so long. The ‘about’ page will be updated when I feel like it.

Carry on.


Drunk and carefree with a twist of psuedo-political posturing! Sexy.

Yesterday on the Leonard Lopate Show, there was much (maybe too much) discussion of Elliot Spitzer’s apparent downfall at the hands of a high-class call girl. I wish i had something intelligent to share with you; either a well-crafted analysis of this juicy, juicy scandal or a nuanced position on the age-old debates about sex work, porn, blowjobs, on and on.

But I don’t.

Instead, I want to share with you an ad for an escort service that Lopate read aloud on-air. The copy is hilarious. Hilarious in a way that may cause you both to laugh uproariously and to vomit a little in your own mouth. Like when you eat candy corn on a roller coaster.


Daniella is natural beauty and refinement. The elegance of an educated culured woman coupled with gaiety and fun… with the light-hearted feminism of a fine Merlot and the sweet, floral finish of a splendid Riesling you’ll agree that moments with Daniella are the ultimate in unrestrained luxury.

Now. I like feminism, Merlot and a little gaity in a gal as much as the next dude. Perhaps more. Not to mention a floral finish. But.

Lopate thought this blurb sounded “like a personal ad.” I’d like to point out that personal ads are generally written in the first person perspective, rather than from the pimps-eye-view. Personal ads also frequently include the author’s wants in addition to hir selling points and special features. I, personally, have never written an ad awkwardly organized around comparing myself to inanimate edibles.

Just saying.